Canada Day

Elykius OLAJV posted Jul 1, 17

Today is July 1st, which happens to also be Canada Day, the day on which Canadians celebrate the Anniversary of Confederation. This year, Canada turns 150. To celebrate, we will be having a giveaway. To be entered into the draw for the giveaway's MYSTERY prize, simply reply to this post with a great Canadian meme. Contest ends on the 4th of July, on which there will be ANOTHER prize given, to celebrate America's birthday.

- Elykius

Lyondar Management

Elykius OLAJV I completely forgot about this, but Syndicalism is the winner. I will give you your prize when you are next online.
HaradrimWarrior VCW i hope this link works
Syndicalism V
Syndicalism @ Lyondar i make this dank meme myself

Minecraft 1.12

Elykius OLAJV posted Jun 10, 17

Lyondar has officially been updated to Minecraft 1.12, The World of Color update. Most plugins have also been updated (we are still waiting on McMMO and Holograms). For WorldEdit users, we have switched from the plugin AsyncWorldEdit to FastAsyncWorldEdit, due to the latter being updated, but don't worry, the commands are the same. As I stated in the last post, we are also looking for staff, so if you are interested, please apply on this forum. (

- Elykius

Lyondar Management

Greetings Lyondar,

Easter is right around the corner, and the Easter bunny has gone and hid easter eggs all across the relaxed survival world! The Easter bunny is currently situated in Pallora (the town around spawn). The first egg [Black] is beside the Easter bunny.

Searching for Eggs

When searching for easter eggs, there are signs beside all of the eggs with the egg name/colour, as well as a secret phrase. In order to prove that you have discovered the eggs, you must do one of two things.

Option 1.) If Elykius or Garage_ are online, you can ask them to tp to you to prove that you have found an egg, and they will be able to confirm.

Option 2.) If Elykius or Garage_ are not online, or if you don't want to bother them constantly, you can either take screenshots of all the eggs with the signs, or just record the secret phrase, and send your results to Elykius or Garage_ on Discord, Skype, or via a private message on the forums.

There are 18 coloured eggs that can be found. The coloured eggs are Black, Violet, Tan, Green, Gray, Blue, Light Blue, Light Gray, Turquoise, Spring Green, Pink, Orange, Magenta, Purple, Red, Silver, Gold, and Rainbow.

BONUS: There are also 12 "special" painted eggs, and they are very hidden, so finding them will increase the reward. These special eggs are called Butterfly, Snowflower, Warmth, Flowers, Sunflower, Pretty Patty, Pale Blue, Pale Orange, Pale Pink, Pretty Pink, ROYGBIV, and Pearl.

If you are really stuck and need a hint, we will permit up to 5 hints per player. Just ask Elykius or Garage_ for a hint.


A hunt of this magnitude is not without special benefits!

Coloured Eggs: The first player to find all of the colourful eggs will recieve the /gamemode perk for free. If this player already has this perk, they can gift it to a player of their choice. In addition, this player will recieve the golden contest winner asterisk in game, as well as the contest winner banner on the forums. The next two runners up will recieve the nickname perk (Players who already have the perk can gift it).

Special Eggs: The first player to find all of the special eggs will recieve the WorldEdit perk for free. The same rules apply as above for players who already have this perk. The first person to find all the special eggs will also recieve the golden contest winner asterisk in game, and the contest winner banner on the forums. The next two runners up will recieve the nickname perk (Same applies as above).

Other News

As you may have seen, we recently demoted two moderators for inactivity (Saabeder and W18). Due to our small size, we think it is probably best to replace them with just one moderator for the time being. This means that applications are now open for moderator, if you think this is something you would be interested in, feel free to apply.

We will also be having an Easter sale! For two weeks from today, enter the coupon code "EASTER" on checkout for 35% savings on all ranks and perks!

Good luck hunting, and Happy Easter everyone!

- Elykius

Lyondar Management


St. Patrick's Day!

Elykius OLAJV posted Mar 17, 17

Today is St. Patrick's Day! To celebrate, I will give free nickname to the first person who wishes me a happy St. Patrick's Day on the server. (you must be online, not via Discord). I am doing this to see how often people check the forums. This offer is valid until it is claimed, even once St. Patrick's Day is over.

- Elykius

Lyondar Management

dvid51524 CV damn
Elykius OLAJV Marv won!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Elykius OLAJV posted Feb 14, 17

Today is Valentine's Day! To celebrate, we will be giving away a nickname perk in game for free! To be considered to win this perk, simply reply to this post with your best bad pick-up line. At the end of the day, I'll go through them and choose the best (worst) pick-up line. If you already have the nickname perk, or have a rank that includes it, you may still enter. If you win, you may give the perk to a player of your choice, as a nice little Valentine's Day present. wink


- Elykius

Lyondar Management

W18 XV I should have gone with &quot;You turn my software into hardware&quot;
Elykius OLAJV All of these were pretty good (bad). As such, I am going to enter all of these names into a random selector to choose th...
zach V You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.
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